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postheadericon Avalai ~ May 2014


Avalai  is another new-to-me TOM subscription service. I really do love these boxes because there is no going to the store,  or bribing your significant other to go for you. Super bonus, you get treats and other items that make having your monthly visitor’s visit a nicer one.  Options include, Pads, Tampons or Both.

Now select your flow and the day of the month you want your box shipped.  That’s it!

PRICE:  $24.99 with 6 & 12 month options as well.

COUPON: Use code  15OFF for 15% off your first box.


Avalai was gracious enough to send me this box for review purposes.

Here is what was inside:

  • A super cute custom holder that fits a few pads, tampons, wipes and Advil. Mine is a pink and white chevron print. It will fit perfect in my work go bag.
  • Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths
  • Blume Body Scrub ~ According to their website each month you’ll get one of their Blume products. Blume is an exclusive line of bath products created by Avalai
  • TREATS!  Teas, candy and a snack bar.

This is just the right amount of product that I can just carry to work and leave in my locker. (I work 12 hour shifts) I love forward to next month’s box.


All opinions are my own. Miz D



postheadericon Code Red Crate ~ May 2015


Code Red Crate is a new TOM pamper yourself box. This deluxe box is stuffed with a wide array of snacks, teas, pampering and spa items, feminine items and gifts.

Cravings Box $10  For those who only want to tame the need for those cravable foods. The box not only includes chocolate but snack items, like cereal bars, small bags of crackers, trail mixes, and much more.  **This box does not include feminine products but does include lots of snacks and candies!

Code Yellow $20  For the stronger women in mind, the ones that can kick their period in the butt with just the essentials needed. This box includes feminine products to get you through and some extra goodies just in case.

Code Orange $25  Is made to help you do exactly that with items to pamper yourself, items ranging from facial masks, body scrubs, and bath salts to candles and mani/pedi kits. Plus goodies and the needed feminine products.

Code Red $30 This package has been made for women who deserve to be spoiled during that time of the month. It includes more then enough feminine products to get you through your week long cycle, delicious chocolates and other goodies to satisfy your cravings, pampering items to help you relax and unwind during the stressful time, plus a special gift and more.

Code Red graciously sent me a Code Red Crate for review purposes. 🙂

My brown SUPER QUICK SHIPPED box was stuffed with so many items!

Luckily this box showed up two days before my cycle started. OH it came in so handy. I felt so pampered and taken care of. What a perfect gift this would make!

Even though the box was plain, it wasn’t of concern. I’m not paying for pretty boxes. It’s the contents that count. It is nice though to get a card listing the items. A bloggers friend.

40 feminine products ~ I got various sizes of pads, liners, two discrete bags, two hygiene wipes and Advil. All of these items came in a red bag that can easily be stashed under the sink or in a work locker. 🙂

8 snacks plus candies ~ Too many to list here.

Teas and a HUGE Vitamin water.

Pampering Items ~ PMS ( Pamper Me Spa) Body Lotion, bath salts and a bath bomb. Plus some hair ties.  OH and a tea lite candle.

Special gifts ~ A cute water bottle. The bottom detaches to add snacks to it. GENIUS! I also got a homemade Cozy Sock (heating pad)


Thank you Code Red Crate for my box. I will be subscribing once I run out of product.

I was given this box for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. ~MizD


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