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postheadericon Bulu Box ~ April 2015

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Bulu Box helps you discover the health and fitness products that work best for you. With a monthly box, they deliver a variety of product samples to find the right products to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals. Choose from the original box or try their weight loss box.

PRICE: $10/month free shipping.

COUPON:  Use code THREEFORONE to get 3 months for $10.

What I like about this box is they have a rewards point system similar to Birchbox. Review your items (5) and get $5 back to spend in their store. It’s like paying $5 for your box!


Martha Stewart ~  Essentials Digestive Health Supplements. Full Size ($16.99)

Support digestion and absorption of nutrients with this blend of herbs and enzymes. This supplement aides in reducing bloating and helping your body better breakdown food for better absorption.

Ovega 3 ~ Eco-Friendly Fish Oil Supplement 2-2pill sachets ($2.79)

Keep your heart health in tip-top shape wit this vegetarian alternative to traditional fish oils. This source comes for algae. HURRAY no fish burps!

Rootology ~ Herbal Allergy Relief. 2 pill sachet ($.79)

The best blend of concentrated herbal extracts that work individually and in concert with one another to immediately support nasal, sinus and eye health for seasonal allergy relief without a prescription.

Sun Chlorella Granules ~ On the go Detox. Two sticks ($3.90)

These drink sticks are a great way to add extra nutrition to your favorite shake, juice or meal when you’re on the go.

SK Energy Shot ~ Vitamin Boosted Energy ($2.99)

This quick and easy shot contains natural caffeine as well as vitamins B3, B6, and B12 WITHOUT taurine or guarana. **I actually tried this and had to choke it down. It didn’t give me a boost like other “drinks”.

Though the energy shot was a bust, I love the Rootology (got it before) and I’m excited to try the Ovega and Martha Stewart supplements.  This Bulu Box is way better than ones I’ve received in the past and I might just keep it.

I paid for this box and all opinions are my own. MizD


postheadericon Bulu Box ~ October 2014

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Bulu Box helps you discover the health and fitness products that work best for you. With a monthly box, they deliver a variety of product samples to find the right products to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

Price: $10/month free shipping.






This month I got the  following:

BiPro ~ Whey Protein Isolate ~ sugar free, carb free shake!
WellFood ~ Double Chocolate Paleo Cookie
Sleepy Beans ~ 5HTP, GABA, and melatonin for sleep. They actually helped!
Smarty Pants ~ Sugar Free Gummy Vitamins + Fiber.  I love this company!
Nuvia Cafe
Barleans CoQ10 Swirl Barleans has awesome flavors,
YouTheory Turmeric Advanced.  Get all the benefits without eating several tablespoons of turmeric per day.


Again just little samples. There really isn’t enough in them to get a good feel for the product. I would be happier with less samples at Deluxe Size then several tiny samples.



I paid for this box and all opinions are my own. ~MizD

postheadericon Bulu Box ~ TODAY ONLY 3 BOXES FOR $9

postheadericon Bulu Box ~ September 2014

There are affiliate links in this post.


Bulu Box helps you discover the health and fitness products that work best for you. With a monthly box,  they deliver a variety of product samples to find the right products to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

I got the original box, but might switch to weight loss next month.






Here is what I got this month:

Hercules Pocket-n-Go Vitamin Packs ~ 1 packet so I didn’t really get to see if it made any difference.

Let’s face it; life is busy and only getting busier. Hercules vitamins is on a mission to help provide quality health solutions for your hectic and demanding lifestyle. Pocket-n-Go vitamins were made with that thinking in mind. These on-the-go vitamin packs are expertly designed to help you maintain balanced nutrition and optimal health even when you’re on the run.*

  • Contain 1 Multi Vitamin, 1 CoQ10, 1 Krill Oil, and 1 Vertox
  • Loaded with Antioxidants for healthy aging
  • Supports heart health

Calsura ~ I foil packet. I really enjoyed the tasted and want to purchase more. I wish there would have been a few packets to try though.

Calsura is dietary calcium supplement solution that helps you stay fit and active. Instead of hard-to-swallow calcium supplement pills, Calsura Fast Action Drink Tablets are a fun, convenient, and easy way to get 50% of your daily recommended requirements for calcium and vitamin D! Not to mention, Calsura is a great source of vitamin C, iron and magnesium. These tasty drink tablets can be mixed into a normal water bottle and contain no added sugar, artificial colors or preservatives. *

Calsura also differs from other calcium supplements because of its high rate of calcium absorption or “bio-availability”. Backed by more than 25 years of clinical studies, soluble calcium is 40% more bio-available than milk or other calcium supplements helping you build stronger bones. *

  • 50% of your daily recommended calcium *
  • 40% more bio-available than milk *
  • Safe for lactose intolerant persons *
  • No digestive discomfort *


RidgeCrest Chest Rub 1 Foil packet. My BF was sick and this actually gave him some relief!

Don’t let cold and flu season ruin your healthy lifestyle, Ridgecrest Chest Rub can help you feel back to normal sooner, so you never have an excuse to skip a workout! This unique blend of Chinese herbs helps clear your lungs while keeping mucus and phlegm out of your airways. A blend of 13 different herbal blends and aromatic oils, this homeopathic decongestant is sure to relieve you of even the worst colds. Ridgecrest Chest Rub has been the #1 natural lung health product in the United States for almost 16 years! Simply rub the light balm on the chest and neck area, and let Ridgecrest Chest Rub do the rest! *

  • Natural decongestant *
  • Blend of 13 herbs and oils *
  • Keeps airways clear of mucus and phlegm *

Natrol NuHair FULL SIZE Nobody in my home has this issue so I gave it to a co-worker.

Hair loss and thinning can come naturally with aging, but Natrol NuHair is here to help slow down that process! NuHair Foam was designed to rejuvenate hair while still providing hold for a volumizing style. This product will help DEFEND against hair follicle damage and graying hair, NOURISHES hair follicles for fuller, beautiful hair, ENERGIZES hair follicles for healthy hair growth, and REVITALIZES texture for a healthy glow. Made with all natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Grape Seed Extract, Chamomile and Sage, Rosemary and many more, these active ingredients make sure your hair is getting all the necessary nutrients to preserve your stunning hair!

  • Natural Solution for Hair Rejuvenation *
  • Defends Against Graying Hair & Follicle Damage *
  • Energizes Hair for Healthy Growth *
  • Revitalizes Hair for Healthy Shine *
  • No Sulfates, Parabens, Perolatum, Mineral Oil, or Phthalates *

K-Pax Energy 4 2-pill packets.

The perfect energy supplement to take place of your usual sugary energy drinks full of artificial ingredients. K-PAX contains a patented immune formula, complete with your daily multivitamin. When you need that extra pick-me-up in the middle of a day, reach for this guilt-free product to stay alert and focused for 4-5 hours!*

  • Complete Daily Multivitamin
  • No sugar or artificial ingredients
  • No jitters or crash*
  • Also acts as a mood elevator*

I didn’t feel a boost, instead they made me vomit. 🙁


I wasn’t impressed with the small amounts of samples. Not really enough to give it a proper review. I liked the variety though.


This box was given to me for review purposes, but all opinions are mine. ~D



postheadericon Bulu Box ~ November 2013

Bulu Box for November: A Feel Good Discovery

PreToxx: A natural hangover pill,taken before drinking, that helps prevent classic hangover symptoms.

Menstrual Magic: Relieve menstrual discomfort in just minutes, with an all-natural essential oils formula.

Yaff Bar (2) Banana Peanut Butter & Honey Almond Cranberry

Quest Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Energems: Mint Fusion ~ Bite sized, hard-coated candies are made with real milk chocolate. Each delicious gen contains caffeine, B-vitamins and a proprietary energy blend to help enhance energy.

Bulu Box is $10/month with free shipping.


postheadericon Bulu Box Special! 50% off

postheadericon Bulu Box ~ September 2013


I remember when I first started getting Bulu Box. It was one of my first subs. I was always so excited to see the orange box in my mail. Not so much now. The boxes used to be STUFFED with awesome products, now… Not so much.

Here are this months items. They are ALL going to my boyfriend.

Body Glove Surge Energy Gel ~ Chocolate. Surge Energy Gel’s formula is designed to not only boost your energy but is scientifically proven to extend endurance, speed reaction time and promote faster muscle recovery if taken before and during a workout! 150mg of caffeine gives you the long-lasting energy you need, high antioxidant fruits and polyphenols reduce oxidation stress, coconut water restores electrolytes and protein extends your endurance to keep you at peak performance.

BSN N.O.-XPLODE 2.0 ~ Blue Raz.

  • Strength and Endurance*
  • Energy*
  • Muscle Growth*
  • Alertness and Focus*
  • Nitric Oxide, Pumps and Vascularity*

New Body Nutrition Passiontone ~ Give your love life a running start with New Body Nutrition’s Passiontone vegetarian herbal formula. Formulated for both men and women with key aphrodisiac ingredients like maca root and horny goat weed, Passiontone can maximize your performance and increase your pleasure naturally. *

Shapeology Burn Blend ~ a weight loss solution formulated specifically to maximize weight loss fast! Burn Blend mimics the effects of high metabolism to burn fat more efficiently. Burn Blend utilizes a liquid formula to ensure fast delivery that you’ll feel throughout your body. Shapeology Burn Blend produces maximum energy output to get you through all parts of your day. Finally see results and try a weight loss solution that you’ll feel working within minutes of taking it. Feel the effects, see the results.*

To get your own Bulu Box and hopefully have better luck than I have go HERE
I paid for this box and all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links as well. ~D

postheadericon Bulu Box ~ August 2013


Sadly this will probably be my last Bulu Box. The holidays are coming up and I need all the extra money I can get.

New Body Nutrition Passiontone ~ To increase desire.

Kare-N-Herbs tranquility Kare ~ Reduces anxiety and restored you body and mind to a relaxed stat.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp hearts

Garden of Life RAW Protien

UrgentRX Aches and Pains ~ Instant Pain relief

postheadericon Bulu Box ~ July 2013

I’m not very impressed with this month’s Bulu Box. The excitement is wearing off. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sub! I just don’t think it’s for me anymore. What do you think of this month’s box???

Energy Blends in Banana Blueberry and Apple Mango Strawberry by PowerBar ($4.51 Value)

Acid Dietary Supplement by Erba Vita ($0.51 Value)

Xylitol Gum & Mints by Zellies ($0.37 Value)

Caffeine Alertness Aid by Vivarin ($0.57 Value) I honest to goodness didn’t think they made this anymore! I haven’t had it since High School eons ago LOL

Protein Creamer in Lean Vanilla Bean by Ripped Cream ($1.05 Value)


To form your own opinion try your first month FREE. Just click HERE and use code BULUGAN502

I paid for my own box and all opinions are mine. There are affiliate links in this post. I’d he honored if you used them. ~D


postheadericon Bulu Box ~ June 2013

Happy Birthday Bulu Box! To celebrate they sent a wonderful box this month. 🙂

Twin Lab Power Fuel energy drink

Thero-Gesic muscle pain reliever.

EatGreenTea organic leaves to revamp your diet and keep your system clear of harmful free radicals.

Shapeology Burn Blend thermogenics

Powerice POPSICLE! 🙂

Gu Energy Strawberry Chomps ~ Taste like gummy bears! I got a good couple of hours of extra energy too! I’m planning on ordering the full size product.


*clink* Here’s to another year of Bulu Box!

I paid for my own box and formed my own opinions. Affiliate links are in this post.

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