postheadericon Okashi Connection ~ June 2014

Thank you so much Okashi Connection for sending me this YUMMY box to review!

Okashi Connection is a Japanese Candy subscription that just launched now May.

PRICE: $22 FREE shipping.

You get a pound of candy that is seasonal/limited run or just only found in Japan. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a FULL bag of Raspberry Kit Kats. My head about exploded! I must say that are very NOM.




There wasn’t a card or anything that explained what was in the box. They did put a slip of paper inside with a web address and password so you could learn about all of your goodies. I didn’t mind. The only thing I cared about was the CANDY!


Mixed Berry Choco caramel corn ~ This is a limited edition release of caramel corn, that they say isn’t like caramel corn.




Cider Gumi ~ Tasted just like cider.

Match Cream Collon ~ Green Tea filled cookies.

Fue Ramune ~Whistle candy.  You are supposed to whistle through the life savers looking candy. It comes with a plastic spinning top. TOO FUN!

Pie no Mi ~ Tiny chocolate filled pastries.  One suggestion is to heat them up.

Matcha Country Ma’am ~ Another Green Tea filled treat.

Premium Umaibo ~ Camembert and Mozzarella poofed stick. Like a large cheeto. I’ve had something similar. Oh so yummy!

Sour Plum Bubble Gum ~  Per the picture there are 3 pieced of gum inside. One is sweet, one is really sour and the 3rd is SUPER sour. *giggle* I can’t wait to try these!

Ninjin ~ Carrot looking package… Ninjin means “Carrot” There is nothing carrot about this though. It’s little puffy corn cereal tasting.

KIRBY!!! Mix & Match Gum ~ Red – apple, Orange – banana (joke), Blue – soda, Yellow – yogurt, and Black – mystery.

I’m so impressed with this box. I’m totally subscribing! Be sure to use code MIZDENISE for a special treat in your first box.

Thank you again Okashi Connection for giving me this FREE box to review.

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