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postheadericon Skoshbox ~ September 2013




Here is my second month of Skoshbox.

PRICE: $12 with free shipping.

On the opposite side of the card is a list of all your treats AND the ingredients. Last month’s was a hit in my home. We’ll see what this month brings.



1. Umaibo: Cheese Flavored
-Light, puffy corn, like a cheese puff /doodle but in cylinder form. Thick orange powdered cheese coating, powerful (like mac & cheese powder).

2. Fujiya Home Pie
-Like shortbread or pie crust, buttery, flaky, light. Sprinkled with sugar. Very nice.

3. Crunky Chocolate
-Milk chocolate with puffed rice bits inside. Nice flavor. Reminiscent of Nestle’s Crunch or Hershey’s Krackle bar, but lighter.

4. Kanten Jelly
-Firm pink jelly coated in small sugar crystals. Teeth sink in nicely. Very subtle flavor–perhaps flower?

5. Manju Bean Cake
-Dense & cake-like, very subtle powdery taste/texture of sweet beans. Not overly sweet though. Matcha flavored

6. Matcha Candy
-Creamy hard ball with slightly chewy outside. When you chew the whole thing in your mouth it softens up a little. It’s like another candy that I can’t think of at the moment…The flavor was green tea (matcha) but I couldn’t really taste it.

7. Age-Ichi Senbei
-Slightly puffed rice cracker with a good crunch. Light savory flavor of soy sauce. Very nice.

8. Kakinotane Spicy Rice Crackers With Peanuts
-Smooth & shiny on the outside with a crunch & a strong, pleasant spice flavor. There are peanuts in the mix that accent it well, a calmer flavor to go with the spice.

9. Popcandy Soda: Cola Flavored
-Thin, hard candy lollipop with a cola flavor.

10. Koala’s March
-Little cookies/biscuits in the shape of Koalas filled with chocolate cream. Each cookie has a cartoon koala image printed on the front. Not overly sweet, fun dessert snack!

11. Ichigo Milk Candy: Strawberry Flavored
-Hard candy, strawberry flavored. Kind of like jam in your mouth with a touch of cream. Nice and not too sugary.

12. Keshigomu Plastic Eraser. VERY popular demand!


TO get your own Skoshbox <— click here


** I paid for my own box and all opinions are 100% mine. ~D

postheadericon Skoshbox ~ August 2013

Skoshbox is a super fun & yummy Japanese snack and candy box. It’s shipped from Hawaii. In addition to the snacks, there’s usually a bonus non food item thrown in!

I’ve NEVER I mean EVER tried Japanese candy. 🙁 When I found out about this box I jumped right on it!

PRICE: $12 with free shipping.

On the opposite side of the card is a list of all your treats AND the ingredients.





My bonus item this month is HASHI ~ My very own pair of chopsticks for meals at home. Itadakimasu!

Almond Rush ~ White or Milk Chocolate bars with slices of almonds.

Suzume No Tamago ~ Peanut coated in a crisp cracker shell.

Cheese Kibun ~ A thin crispy rice cracker coated with a blast of cheese

Mini Salad ~ Airy Rice Crackers with a savory salad-dressing-like coating

Fuwa Fuwa Jelly ~ Fluffy marshmallow jelly. Cider or melon. I got melon

BONUS MYSTERY SNACK: Fruit Gummy ~ I got grape and a melon.

Elise Stick ~ Crispy wafer stick with a rich creamy milk or matcha filling.

Milk Caramel ~ A classic soft chewy piece of caramel.

Umaibo ~ Puffed corn snack: cheese and corn potage flavors.

So very very impressed with this box! I love trying new things and this is a perfect outlet to do so. To get your own box click —> Skoshbox

I paid for my own box and all opinions are 100% mine. ~D

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