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postheadericon Luna For You ~ July 2014


Once again I’m done!

All the items game in a pocket/box that was shipped in bubble wrap envelope. As you can see the pocket was dented. The pocket didn’t have any padding to keep the items from bouncing around.









Stila ~ Eyeshadow Duo in “Barealis” BROKEN

Wet N Wild Bronzer in “Princess”. Near the bottom safely sealed sticker was black smudges. I thought WTH? Then I realized what it was from..

Deluxe size (Not full) POP Black Diamond eye liner.

Deluxe size (Not Full) Wet N Wild Black eyeliner. The cap was missing. (found it in the pocket box) and the tip was smooshed in. So either it’s used or like I assumed before, it rubbed up against the bronzer.

Essence mini Lipgloss, Clear. Not even going to open it.

Nabi Scented (Strawberry) Nail Polish. Neon Pink.

Aside from the feeling that these items have been discontinued, for a while, I have nothing more to say.

I paid for this box ($9.99) and all opinions are my own. ~D


postheadericon Luna For You ~ June 2014


Luna For You launched last fall. I wasn’t impressed with them at first, but I decided to give them a few months and give it another go.

PRICE: $9.99 + free shipping

You get a deluxe Box with 5 to 6 beauty samples and full-sized product. As a subscriber you will also be able to access  coupons, giveaways, and extra points that can be  redeem towards a VIP product in your next box.

So what’s inside??? 🙂




ORGLAMIX ~ Mineral Blush in Limited Edition Love Luna (peach pink)

ORGLAMIX ~ Loose Eyeshadow in Blue Moon Beach (light blue) I’m afraid to open these, but from what I can see in the jar they seem real pigmented and nice. **There is also a code for 20% off my first order with this company.

Nabi Color ~  Nail polish. Pastel Orange. ICK though I like trying companies I’ve never seen before.

Tarte ~ Amazonian Clay Corrective Wand. OOOH Super excited to try this! The shade is “light” so it just might work with me.

Stars Makeup Haven ~ Lip Gloss Suite 7. Pink shade that goes on sheer. Just a tad bit sticky, but not too bothersome. It has a nice scent as well. I’ll keep it! This is another company that’s new to me.

So overall, Luna For You is turning out to hold their own in the Sub Box world. I am just so intrigued by companies I’ve never heard of. I shall take them for a spin again next month and see if they continue down this promising path.


I paid for this box and all opinions are my own. ~D

postheadericon Luna For You ~ February 2014

Luna For You is a relatively new box. They launched last fall. For the life of me I don’t remember where I found them.

The cost is $9.99 a month. You get a deluxe Box with 5 to 6 beauty samples and full-sized products, plus a personalized accessory.

“Beauty is the promise of happiness”

This is my second, and last box. Soooooo not impressed!

The only product I like is the POP eyeliner.



Urban Decay ~ Rocks. Umm no.

Jane (didn’t know this brand still existed.) Nearly Foundation

Mary Kate and Ashley (really?) Ultra Clear Mega Gloss SMELLED LIKE PLASTIC.

Mary Kate and Ashley Lip Color

Wet N Wild Mega Eyes, in shades I’d never wear.



postheadericon Luna For You ~ January 2014


Luna For You is a new (only a few months old) subscription service that delivers 5-6 beauty products. They are based out of New Jersey.

The Price: $9.99 + Free shipping

This is my first box.









Hard Candy ~ Eye Tattoo animal eyeshadow appliques. Contains 3 sets

Wet & Wild ~ Bronzer Brush – no lid 🙁

LOL ~ Bronzing Powder. I’ve never heard of this company.

Mary Kate & Ashley ~ Illumination Mascara.

elf ~ Conditioning Balm in Strawberry Cream. Smells nice but looks too waxy.


I’m not too impressed with this box. Something screams DOLLAR STORE. The paper that listed the items it contained had several spelling errors. Come to think about it, so did their website.

I’ll give it one more month.


I paid for this on my own and all opinions are mine.

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