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postheadericon Unboxing the Bizarre ~ May 2016

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Before I start, yes this is for May’s chosen holidays. This is the first, maybe second box my boyfriend insists (not going to argue) that we keep getting.  I have to share this box even though the pictures do not do it justice.


Unboxing the Bizarre ™ offers a box curated with 4 chosen dates and sends items to celebrate the wild, wacky, and just downright bizarre holidays that don’t get the mainstream attention that they deserve. (aside from Twitter trends) Along with the chosen date and item, there is a card that talks about the day and gives ideas on more ways to learn more and celebrate.

PRICE: starts at $31.45 depending on length of sub.

Coupon: Use 1KIGTHANKS to get $10 off your FIRST standard holiday box.





May 4 ~ Star Wars Day

May the Force be with you ~ Duke imports Darth Vader Twin (no way, it’s huge) size blanket. (MSRP 44.95)

Suggested ways to celebrate: Go see a Star Wars movie, Get family members to play different characters from Star Wars, Mediate to become “One with the Force”. 🙂

Cats and boyfriend are still fighting over this oversized blush cozy blanky.






May 6 ~ Space Day

One Small Step ~ American Outdoor Products, Inc. Neapolitan Astronaut Ice Cream (MSRP 5.00) *picture is from amazon*

Ok this was really yummy! I thought it would taste like cardboard. My co-worker dared me to eat it. It had serious flavor to it. I ended up eating it before I took the picture. It melted in my mouth like mini-marshmallows.

Suggested ways to celebrate: Spend an evening under the stars, Visit a planetarium, Drink a glass of Tang.







May 18 ~ National Golf Day

Fore!!! ~ Desktop Mini-Golf (MSRP 40.99) My boyfriend took this to work and it’s never been seen again.

Suggested ways to celebrate: Play a round of golf, (DUH) Wear some sporty socks, Take a golf cart for a spin.








May 26 ~ World Lindy Hop Day

Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow ~ Gotham Recording Artist Swing Dance Special. Vol.1 CD (MSRP13.99)

Suggested ways to celebrate: Get up and dance! Listen to some cool jazz, Make up a jazz name for yourself.









So what do you think of Unboxing Bizarre? I’ve been getting it every month and will share more so come visit again. 🙂








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