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postheadericon Munch Pack ~ May 2015

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Munch Pack is a new treat subscription service. They aim to send you popular treats from around the world.

Choose from:

MunchPak Mini (5-6 Snacks) $9.95
MunchPak Original (10+ Snacks) $19.95
MunchPak Family Pak (20+ Snacks) $39.95

You can customize your box to your choosing for a 1$ per option; The options include things like no foreign snacks, no sweets, no nuts, no savory, etc. you can also choose the frequency of deliveries and you’ll get your first box within 7 days of ordering.

Munch Pack now ships WorldWide!

I was given Munch Pack Mini free for review purposes.

Eiffel ~ Bon Bons Strawberry. (France) Chewy Fruity and deliciously tasty ball shaped candies in strawberry flavor.

Coris ~ Whistle Candy Ramune Cola Flavor. (Japan) These candies are seriously whistles! My co-workers drove me insane with them LOL

Cacahuates Japones ~ (Japanese Style Cocktail Peanuts from MEXICO) Very crunchy, lightly salted and exceptionally delicious. These Japanese style cocktail peanuts are a great snack no matter where you are.

Osem ~ Bissli Multi-Pack Falafel (Israel)  Tasty wheat crackers that have an exceptional crunch. This particular version comes in the super yummy Falafel flavor.

Hi-Chew ~ Fruit Chews (Japan) Delicious Hi-Chew Fruit Chews Flavors include Stawberry, Grape, Mango, Green Apple and Melon

My bag didn’t come with a product list BUT the Munch Pak website has a listing of most of their snacks. VERY helpful. I didn’t find the package that has “99” on it. I gave it to a co-worker before I got feedback. 🙁

This is the first “world” treat bag I’ve really enjoyed. I like getting snacks from many different companies. Is this for you? If so what size are you choosing? I must resist the family size option!!




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