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postheadericon Cravebox is no more.

I just got this e-mail from Cravebox…


We love you Cravers – You’ve been the BEST!
That’s why we are so very sad to say that as of today, May 31st, Cravebox is no longer in business.
You’ve demonstrated your wonderful creativity and a terrific sense of community time and time again. Your blogs, videos, Facebook comments and reviews have meant so much to us.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have served you over the last 18 months.  Some of you have come to feel like friends.
If you have any questions about anything please feel free to email us
We will miss you!
The Cravebox Team
What are your thoughts? Will you miss Cravebox?

postheadericon Cravebox ~ Quick Picnic Edition


My UPS man hates me. My Craveboxes are always mangled. 🙁 I always worry that the insides will be ruined somehow. I’ve been lucky thus far.

Here are my goodies…

Heinz Chili Sauce full size
belVita biscuit (which was crumbled, but when are they not?!)
2 Handi-Snacks
1 Honest Kids Grape Juice box
1 pack Kleenex tissues





1 full-size box True Lemon drink packets
Perfectly Simple by Zone Bar (Cranberry Almond)
Campbell’s Golden Butternut Squash Soup
Stride Peppermint Gum
Zone Perfect Bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter)
(3) Sun Rype Strawberry Fruit Stripe
Mozaik 48-piece Appetizer Set


Not impressed at all.

postheadericon Cravebox ~ Girls Night In

I was not happy with the last few Craveboxes and almost skipped this drawing. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m pretty happy with this box. The only thing missing was the $50 wine card, but I live in Montana. We are one of the states that doesn’t prohibit the shipment of alcohol. Boo! Here is what I did get:

  • Tree Hut ~ Moroccan Rose Hand Cream
  • Hills Bros ~ French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Fruit2O ~ Watermelon. (sooo yum!)
  • Neutrogena Lip Balm ~ Fresh Plum
  • New Girl & The Mindy Show nail polish and emery board. (The blue is glittery)
  • The backdrop is a scarf by the Warriors In Pink Foundation.

For future box drawings go to In the about me section, tell them MizDenise sent you. 🙂


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Bikini Ready Box 2013


I keep saying (maybe not here, or out loud) that I’m not going to get anymore Craveboxes. Overall they just haven’t been totally worth it. Let me also add that the last few boxes I got seemed THROWN together. They come to me damaged inside and out.  We’ll see what this month brings.

YUP. My sheet that talks about the box was ripped and bent to hell. A sheet of tissue was just wadded up and tossed on top. The inside contents were just tossed in. NICE TOUCH CRAVEBOX!


Though I’m not too excited to go over the contents, here they are.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit, for Face, Brows & Bikini

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Tri-bal it On

ZonePerfect All-Natural Nutrition Bar Chocolate Caramel Cluster

Weleda ~ Pomegranate Body Lotion, Arnica Massage Oil, Birch Cellulite Oil, Wild Rose Body Lotion

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight [Hardcover] ~ by Haylie Pomroy

GymPact $5.00 Promo Code


The contents are ok. That’s all I’m going to say. ~D

Did you get this box? What are your thoughts? What are your overall thoughts on Cravebox?


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Book and Beauty Edition 2013


  • Mistress of My Fate, Book One of the Confessions of Henrietta Lightfoot by Hallie Rubenhold – It’s over $17 for this hardcover edition on Amazon, so that right there is more than I paid for the box!
  • Vaseline Total Moisture lotion
  • John Freida Full Repair Conditioner deluxe sample
  • Biore samples

It was a fun little box to get, and I particularly enjoyed getting a hardcover edition of a new book. I would have liked to have seen another item or two in the box. Did you get a Book and Beauty Cravebox? Or any recent Cravebox? I’d love to hear what you think!

If you’re interested in receiving Craveboxes, just head over to There’s not a bonafide membership, they do their boxes by drawing only, so you can enter to be selected to receive a box, which usually ranges in price from $10-15, purchase Instant Boxes, or even buy series of boxes. If you get a box, let them know I sent you with my username – MizDenise and my E-Mail is


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Cooking Light



I’m so not impressed with this box. I could have bought these items for less than $13. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. That’s the chance you take with subscription boxes. 🙂







Contents of box with approximate retail value listed: 

12 oz. can of 7-Up TEN. Value = $0.50 – Taste like diet 7-Up.  I’m not sure the 10 calories make a difference. 
12 oz. box of Barilla white fiber mini penne. Value = $1.99
12 oz. box of Barilla veggie farfalle. Value = $1.99
pack of Trident strawberry lime gum. Value = $1.69
(2) SunRype fruit strips. Value = $0.45/ea.
.78 oz. package of Snackwell’s Fudge Pretzel. Value = $0.62
package of BelVita breakfast biscuits in golden oat. Value = $0.80
The total value of the first Cooking Light Selects box is $8.04


I highly doubt I’ll be getting a Cravebox again. This is the second one I’m not thrilled about.


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Resolutions Box 2013

I’m not sure what to think of this Resolutions box. I mean it’s full of great stuff, but feels like something is lacking. Anyway here is my opening. It reads:

New Year…New discoveries? One resolution that’s easy to keep.

We mean them when we say them…And we wish that we could keep them.  But let’s be honest…most resolutions are made to be broken.

We understand.  And of course we’re here to help. Repeat after us: “I will satrt this year on a great note, with fun finds and cool stuff.”  Okay, now, ready to make good on that pledge”

Welcome to Resolutions Cravebox



Here is what was in my box.

CocoaVia ~ Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement Variety Sample Pack

(4) SunRype Fruit and Grain/Fruit Source bars.

Perfectly Simple Bar by Zone Perfect ~ Peanut Crunch + $1 coupon

Mary Kay timewise repair eye cream

Pantene Moisture whip soyeuse hair product.

Celestial Seasonings Metabo Balance wellness tea + $75 cent coupon

Cans of A&W TEN and 7-Up TEN

Coupons for FREE Wholly (guacamole) product.

Coupon for a FREE WW Smart Ones product.

Not a bad box! 🙂


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Winter Favorites!


After last month I was hesitant to get another box. I figured oh well, they can’t all be spot on. OH but this month was! Cravebox was totally into the giving spirit with their Winter Favorites! My first hint,, the box was SUPER heavy. 🙂

When I opened it there were 3 envelopes on top. A Red one, a Green one & a Blue one. I couldn’t open them fast enough!



First, from Pillsbury.  I received their Homemade for the Holidays little cook book and two FREE product coupons for a package of Pie Crust and a Package of Cookie dough. The cook book features several recipes using these two Pillsbury staples. These have a sample value of (up to) $4.01 and $3.82, respectively.

In the Red envelope I got a Creamer Coupon & I also got a coupon for Iced Coffee from the same company! I’m SO excited to try these! These are worth up to $3.79 each.

In the Green envelope I got a coupon for Nancy’s Frozen Appetizer or Dessert. You can get a giant 32 count box with this coupon, up to $9.99! I don’t recall seeing these, so I’m hoping to find them in my area somewhere. ANYWHERE! LOL

Here are the rest of my goodies…

The new Campbell’s Gourmet Bisque in Golden Butternut Squash.

Belvita Breakfast biscuits. A box retails for $2.98 and has 5 packs so this is a sample value of $.80 PLUS they gave a super high value coupon. Buy one get one free! My coupon is rumpled and torn so I doubt they’ll take it. I’m going to try though. I love these biscuits!

4 sample sizes of Vitabath Body Wash. Green Tea & Sage, Dreamy Pink Frosting, Grapefruit Vanilla and Beach Blossom.

Kind of hidden (not on purpose) is a full size Mary Kay lip gloss in Red Passion. This lipgloss retails for $14 and is awesome. It’s a great Holiday color!

Last in my box was this Heinz Chili Sauce. It came with a recipe for Party Meatballs and I cannot wait to make them!  This bottle retails for around $2.50

I was more than pleased with this Cravebox and I look forward to another soon :)


postheadericon Cravebox ~ Holiday


I am beyond disappointed with this box! There is no way it’s work the $13 I paid for it. When you think of holidays you think of decor and goodies and FUN. Now I knew there would be some cleaning stuff, but that’ They didn’t even have the usual confetti. 🙁



So here is what I got:

  • Biz detergent $2 coupon (not shown)
  • Bissell Febreze Stomp n Go Stain Lifting Pad, 1 pad included with $1 coupon on back of product– $1.69
  • Febreze Set and Refresh Air Freshener, full size — $2.99 (I have two of these samples from FB offers)
  • Mean Green Cleaner $1 coupon (not shown)
  • OxiClean Dishwashing Boost, 13 fl. oz. — $8.00 (according to the rebate form) (Dishwasher is dead)
  • Tide Pods, 1 sample — $.25 (I have tons of these samples that I got for FREE)
        • Total of box (not including coupons): $12.93

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy, those of you that got one of these? Will you be keeping Cravebox?

***UPDATE. I was so miffed I e-mailed customer service with my distaste and they are refunding my money! I got a reply less than 5 minutes after I send the letter. SO IMPRESSED! I may just keep them after all. I mean, you’re not going to LOVE every box right?

postheadericon Cravebox ~September ~ Book Lovers

This month’s theme for Cravebox is “Book Lovers Dream’ Such perfect timing too! Fall is here and I like nothing more than to curl up with a good book and some snacks.

The book is brand new, not on the shelves. It’s called How I Came To Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren. It’s set in a Colorado ski town so for all I know it could be where I grew up. 🙂

Soy Nut Trail Mix from Crum Creak. I snarfed that down before I finished the box LOL

Premium Licorice from Natural Vines.

Gratitudes Bracelet from Alexa’s Angels.


This is my second Cravebox and I’m happy with it. We”ll see if the trend continues.

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