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postheadericon Cat Lady Box ~ “Crazy” Edition June 2015

You know I’ve been in a funk since I neglected to share my FAVORITE box. The Cat Lady Box.

Treat yourself to a monthly box of the most unique and exclusive cat lady finds. Cat-themed jewelry, clothes, accessories, decor, books and more for you, delivered in a box your cat can keep (of course).

This box is not for our kitties, but for US. Umm but I got the “Crazy” edition which includes a treat or two for my fur-kids. Yeah, they have me wrapped around their claws, I mean cute widdle paws.

PRICE: Cat Lady Box is $31.33/month with free shipping. CRAZY Cat Lady Box is $36.00/month with free shipping. Ships internationally with appropriate shipping costs.


Before I begin, I want to give a shout out to the fabulous Dorian Wagner. I also want to give head bonks to Pimp, Moo and Phantom. Not only did she create this fabulous box, she sent me one to review. Right after I got this box I straight away subscribed! 🙂 It was going to be just for me, but when you are owned by four cats, ME, doesn’t exist. I’m OK with that though.

Each box comes with a sweet letter from Dorian and an amazing card designed by different artists. The other side contains information on the contents of the box. This month’s artist is BZTAT. (pronounced bee-zee-tat)  A devoted animal lover who has five felines of her own.




June’s inaugural box came with the cutest tote bag from the San Francisco Bay area’s Living In The Meow. There was also a coupon for X amount off a purchase. My card got drug off somewhere. I suppose next time I clean under something I’ll find it. RV$ 28

Next is a cuff designed exclusively for CLB. This Crazy Cat Lady stamped cuff is by Designs by Marlayna. Owner Marlayna Jackson. I love that it’s lightweight and easily adjustable. As long as my cats weren’t around to attempt to bite at it, it stayed on. RV $14

This next item was not a hit. “Black Cat” Artisan Perfume Mini Spritzer Bottle by Wylde Ivy. RV $4.25

Dark and secretive, the elusive Black Cat mesmerizes all in it’s path. A rich and seductive fragrance blend of black vanilla, exotic spices, white patchouli, and musk topped off with a hint of sugar dust and jasmine petals.

They lost me at patchouli. I gag at the hint of it. ;-(

For the kitties:

Goodnip 100% Organic Catnip. RV $5 but Elvira says it’s Purrriceless.

“Look Who’s Talking” Cat Toy. Ok this bird is insane! It’s infused with catnip AND it makes hella realistic noises when SMACKED around. We have to hide it from Lucien. More so because he prefers to play at night. He’s not a gentle boy either. It sounds like a bird/rock is hitting our walls. OY! He’s happy though and leaves the plants alone, so that’s what counts, right? RV $5.99

I’ve continued to get this box every month and now that I’m back to sharing I may post other months. If not here, on my cat’s blog PurrsAndHisses. For sure January will be posted once I get it.


~Miz D

Better picture of the cuff.


Card by BZTAT



Even though I was given this box for review purposes, all opinions are those of me and my cats. ~MizD


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