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postheadericon Blue Velveteen ~ September 2014

Blue Velveteen is a new sub box launched in September.

PRICE $10/month.

You will receive five deluxe size or full size makeup or beauty products delivered right to your door.

The blue square is velvet. 🙂










I didn’t like that were was no note or card explaining what was in the box. Kind of felt thrown together.

Sexy Bath & Body ~ Lavender & Chamomile Calming Body Wash ($4.50)

Ciate ~ Mini Mani Polish (~$2) It doesn’t say what shade it is, but I like it.

NYX ~ Ultra Pearl Mania ($3) I like the shade whatever it is. It was cute that it was in a little blue velvet bag.

Macadamia ~ Nourishing Leave-In Cream (~$2) I love how this stuff smells!

Two small baking powder crunch face wash samples. I actually almost bought the full size from a Korean site. I’m glad I waiting in case it’s horrible.


I make the mistake of looking at other blogs. I’m not happy with this box right now. I paid for this box while others got it free with WAY more product. I even asked, as a blogger, for a box. No dice. I guess that’s just how it works. I mean, my blog is still small and I probably have 1 reader. THANKS MOM lol

Will I sub again? I’ll give them ONE more chance.



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