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postheadericon Beauteque ~ May 2015

Beauteque BB Bag is a US-based company, based in New Jersey,with an “East meets West” philosophy. They source from the best products on the international market.

PRICE: $24 per month with multiple month options.

This month’s theme is Marvelous May. The bag is a cute black and white stripe with a silver flower toggle!

The Face Shop ~ Eyelash Curler ($7.50) 24K Gold plated with a curve design that is suitable for all eye shapes. The silicone rubber pad helps curl lashes naturally when pressure is applied helping lashes stay curled all day.


It’s Skin ~ Mini Bebe Mist ($11) I got to chose between a few different scents. I chose apple. It’s not too strong. It’s perfect for my work locker.  I pull 12 hour shifts in a dry stuffy office so this is a nice pick me up. Mild protein and witch hazel extract protect skin providing moisture and nutrition.  Soothes dry skin and fruit scent giving refreshment.  Cute design and mini size easy to carry anywhere.

Holika Holika ~ Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Starter. ($10) This gel type starter helps to open your pores while reduces dirt from the pore.   Its pink clay ingredients helps absorb excess sebum and soften stubborn blackheads.

Nature Republic ~ Bulgarian Rose Essence ($17) Contains Damask rose flower oil, Vitamin A and C to brighten your skin, smells like roses. I don’t like rose scented items so this is a pass.

Nature Republic ~ By flower Vivid Tint Bar ($8) This was another item that they gave you a choice of flavors. I chose strawberry. Luckily it isn’t crazy pink. It’s sheer with SPF 15/PA++ and is made with macadamia oil.

Mikavonk Auto Eyeliner in Black ($15) This is a nice double sided liner. One side is matte and the other is sparkly.

May Island ~ Donkey Milk Skin Mask Pack ($3.20×2) First of all NO. I just can’t bring myself to put donkey milk on my face. I don’t know why, when I can use cow. *shrugs* There are two different packs. Mela-Tox & Aqua. Mela Tox is the whitener/brightener mask and Aqua is a firming, moisturizing mask.

With the exception of the Donkey masks, I’ll use everthing in this bag. I don’t think Beauteque has ever disappointed.

I paid for this bag and all opinions are mine. MizD


postheadericon Beauteque ~ Head To Toe Milk Bag


Beauteque is a K-Beauty online store, located in the USA. In addition to their newly launched subscription bad that offer special bags. This one is their Head To Toe Milk Bag.


Lameila Milk Wash Off Sponge ~ Full Size 2 sponges ($10) These sponges are very HUGE and have have been infused with milk proprieties so that when you wash your face, not only will you use it with your normal cleanser, you will get the benefits of the milk proteins within with these cleansing sponges. These are made in China and Lameil

3w Clinic Fresh Milk Mask ~  Full Size 23 g ($3) We did not get to choose ~ we either get the 3W Clinic Fresh Milk Mask or the Somang Milk Mask.   I received the 3W mask. It has 23 grams of essence, of which there are  milk protein extracts (.05%) ~ to hydrate;  betaine ~ moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, controls the water balance in skin;  arginine ~ an antioxidant that helps build collagen production; glycerin ~ a humectant;  these are all ingredients to help brighten and hydrate.  The sheet is 100% cotton.  Full Size 23 g Value $3.00

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner ~ Full Size 248 mL  ($19)  I got to chose this “scent”  This not only has milk protein extracts, but has galactomyces filtrates (my good ol’ yeasty friend) and extracts of pomegranate, ground cherry, raspberry, pasqueflower, potato, carrots, pumpkin, rice, usnea (lichen) and broccoli. Colostrum contains skin growth factor natural protein and natural AHA, so it is effective for skin brightening and its abundance of vitamins, minerals and ions are helpful for enhancing the skins immunity.   The vitamins and minerals of the milk will supply your skin with nutrients and moisture making bright and elastic skin.  And the protein discomposing enzyme in the milk removes keratin and waste materials for bright skin tone as well as balancing skin oil and moisture balance for healthy skin.

Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam 150ml ($12)  This moisturizing cleansing foams combine smooth milk extracts and anti-oxidant agents that will wash away dirt and oil, leaving the skin soft and radiant.

Secret Key Milk Whipping Hand Cream ($6.50) Light weight hand creams that absorb into the skin without leaving any greasy residue.  Great for sensitive and semi-dry skin.

Donkey milk contents moisturizes and smooths hand skin.  Hyaluronic acid creates moisture protection layer, keeping skin healthy and moisturized.  Collagen improves moisture level and skin elasticity as smoothing complexion at the same time.  It penetrates deeply and quickly to the skin without heaviness or stickiness.

Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish (lavender) $8.50

Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care ($7) I love this lip care! I got it before and I’m almost out so this was perfect timing!!


Total value $66 but it only cost $25 🙂 I WIN!


I paid for this box and all opinions are mine ~ MizD

postheadericon Beauteque ~ Tra-La-La Travel Mystery Bag

Beauteque is always coming out with incredibly tempting limited edition beauty bags. While I am always buying and hoarding Korean skincare and beauty products, nothing gets me more excited than a good mystery bag! For the Holiday Season, Beauteque has curated and released 3 separate bags for their “Bagstravaganza” event!
Tra La La Travel Bag, Polished Holiday Bag & Head to Toe Spaliday Bag. I got the Tra-La-La Travel Bag in a super cute gold bag.

PRICE: Each Holiday Bag costs $28 plus shipping. Shipping is $4.95 for US shoppers
$6.95 for CAN Shoppers, and
$10.95 for EUR shoppers.
(these shipping charges apply to each bag purchased)


The Face Shop ~ Herb Day Cleansing Tissues 20ct ($5)

Holika Holika ~ Juicy Sheet Mask in “Pomegranate” ($2)

Mizon ~ Ampoule Essential Peptide Sheet Mask ($3)

It’s Skin ~ Mini Bebe Creamy Foam in “Banana” ($5) SO excited to try this! It smells amazing!

Etude House ~ Kissful Lip Care Balm in “Peach” ($5)

My Beauty Diary ~ Milk & Grain Moisturizing soft cream Mask ($20)

Etude House ~ Collagen Moistful Skin Care Kit ($6) To use, first apply the Facial Freshener, then the emulsion, followed by the essence and finally the cream. This will totally go in my go bag for when I travel. 🙂


This was a great bag and I’m happy I got it. Now I’m curious as to what the other bags had.  Has anyone else got the other two bags? If so, how are they?

I paid for this bag and all opinions are mine. ~MizD

postheadericon Beauteque ~ September 2014

Beauteque BB  Bag is new subscription service. They are A US-based company, based in New Jersey,with an “East meets West” philosophy. They source from the best products on the international market.  They pre-released bags in July as test run for their official service launch in January. **Though this is September’s bag, I did not order it until October. It’s not a reoccurring sub right now so I forgot all about it.

PRICE: $22 with free shipping, Canada (+$6), and Europe (+$8)

The bag was super cute but had a horrible plastic smell so I promptly tossed it. I had to wash my hands several times to get the smell out.The contents however, were fantastic!

There were 6 products this month, 3 were customizable.

The cleanser choices were aloe, cherry, lemon or green tea. By the tine I ordered my only choice was Holika Holika ALOE Cleansing Foam ` ($14)

The lash choices were daily, glitter, or special. I chose daily.

the lip gloss choices were pink, cherry or mango. I chose Cherry but got a balm type cherry instead of the tubes everyone else got. I still like it though. It smells really nice.

My FAVORITE item The Face Shop Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch  ($7). I am so addicted to these. They leave your lips and the area around them so soft. I have sensitive skin and was worried I’d break out, but I didn’t. I’m on the hunt for more of these!

The pink tube is Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream ~ ($16).  I tried a dab on my hand and it didn’t smell like anything and it was pretty softening. I like that it’s a gel, but right now I have a favorite moisturizer that I want to use up before I open anything else up.

Beauteque Minerals Cleanser Brush ~ ($35) is to be used with the cleanser we got. It’s really soft and left my face feeling clean and fresh.

Aside from the actual bag, this was a great month. I loved everything in it and can’t wait until they start their reoccurring sub so I never forget to order a bag.

I paid for this bag on my own and all opinions are mine. ~D

postheadericon Beauteque BB Bag ~ July 2014

Beauteque BB  Bag is new subscription service. They are A US-based company, based in New Jersey,with an “East meets West” philosophy. They source from the best products on the international market.  They are pre-releasing bags in July as test run for their official service launch in January. If I’m not mistaken, you can also order for September and November.

PRICE: $22 with free shipping, Canada (+$6), and Europe (+$8)

I’m not sure if this will the be norm, but for this bag I was able to choose the eyeshadow shade, hand cream flavor, mask flavor, and liner shade. Also, the Essie was a bonus gift.

BTW Beauteque was generous enough to send me this bag for review purposes.




The theme of this subscription seems to be global beauty. I’m loving the little ‘Passport’ theme of the information card.

The card has info on the products and a quick “how to use” for everything. This is quite handy since most of the products don’t have English instructions. Not that it’s hard to figure out how to use a mask. 😛

The bag is super cute! It’s satin and very sturdy. I’ll be using it for sure!






Beauteque Brush ~ ($10.50) Bamboo handle suitable for liquid, powder or cream.

Etude House ~ Drawing Eyebrow Pencil ($7) Dark Brown. This is a swivel-up design, with a brush at the other end. Thicker than any other brown brush I’ve had. I almost thought it was shadow.

Skinfood ~ Herb & Shea Butter Hand Cream. Umm I haven’t opened it yet. I was kind of bummed the flavor I wanted was sold out. (for each item you get to chose “flavors”)

Holika Holika ~ Face Mask ($3) Melon Pudding (moisturizing)

Essie (BONUS) SSSsssssssssssexy Magnetic polish. BEAUTIFUL burgundy shade. LOVE IT.

Beautique Mineral Eye Shadow ~ Divine Dubai ($10.99) A metallic/coppery brown.

(2) My Beauty Diary ~ Face Mask (1.99) I chose Strawberry Yogurt for oil control. It must be a bonus, but I got a second mask Arbutin? for Whitening.

This bag is fantastic and I can’t wait for the next one. I don’t even care if we get to choose “flavors”. As long as it’s along the same lines and these contents I’ll be a happy girl!

Beauteque was so kind to send me this bag for review. All opinions are mine and there are referral links in this post. ~D




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